RS Aero World Championship 2022

Cascade Locks, Oregon

June 24 - July 1, 2022

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Hello Aero Sailors!

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 2022 RS Aero World Championship in the Columbia River Gorge at Cascade Locks. This is a great opportunity to experience this remarkable and world-renowned sailing venue as well as the many other opportunities the Gorge area, created by the mighty forces of nature, is famous for. 

The Gorge is known for the westerly winds that funnel through the gap in the Cascade Mountains on their way from the Pacific Ocean to the interior of the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia river current heading the other direction helps shorten the upwind time and stretch out the reaching and running legs for lots of fun and fast paced off-wind work. Tactically the mix of the current, windshifts and puffs keep things challenging both upwind and downwind, even from one leg to the next. On the occasional days when it is hot enough on the coast, the wind

will come from the East just to shake things up a bit. The experienced Columbia Gorge Racing Association committee has successfully managed numerous regattas throughout the summer for many years. The sail to the racing area is short and the days are long in the summer, which gives plenty of time for you and anyone travelling with you to relax and socialize ashore as well as to enjoy some of the other activities the Gorge is highly regarded for like hiking or biking (if you have enough energy left over from the sailing). For more variety you can head to the town of Hood River for the kiting/foiling and the restaurants and shops. A little further and the many local wineries or even the mountains await. The Gorge is all about maximizing fun on and off the water. I once took some non-sailing friends of ours to the Gorge. They said, “what is it with this place, everyone here is smiling”. 

We hope you will be able to join us in the Gorge for the Worlds and to enjoy all that this area that we have come to appreciate so much, has to offer.

Carl Buchan, 2022 RS Aero Worlds Co-Chair